Photographer. Anthropologist. Actor.

Hi! I'm Vivian! Like so many, I've been taking photos since I can remember being able to hold a camera. I started out taking photos on family trips abroad. Then during graduate school I started to document special events for friends and family. Over the last few years, my work has taken me in many different directions, but one thing has been absolutely consistent throughout: storytelling.

In all my work, I've explored the diversity of ways there are to be human. As a cultural anthropologist, I study different cultures. As an actor, I embody human experiences written by others. And as a photographer, I capture your experiences and preserve them for your future.

I was born and raised in Florida, but for the last few years, my husband and I have been bouncing around the southeast, living in Georgia, Kentucky, and now, Tennessee. We're ready to put down some roots here in Nashville and I'm excited to become a part of the photography community here.

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